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Mr. Black Friday 2015

Holy-Mackerel-Filled-Canolli with a side of Lobster-Guacamole!!

Mr. Black Friday this year was head over heels, cookoo-gonzo-bonkers-bananas.  That is to say, it was REALLY busy.  Much busier than anticipated.

How much busier?  About 20-times busier.  So busy that our web-hosts and software people actually contacted us to make sure that this was intentional and we were not under some type of cyber-attack.  Good lookin out guys.  :)  Much appreciated.

Lets be real tho, we all saw Terminator, and we all know machines kill PEOPLE, not other machines.  Except the T1000.  We all know that fucker was evil.

Well, it goes without saying that we're a little back-logged as a result.  Like: there are three of us that work here at Jack Deville, designing, building and shipping the Mr. Black pedals, and we would have been busy with a "normal" Mr. Black Friday, but for whatever reason, this Mr. Black Friday was a clean 20x busier than we expected.  No, we're not hiring 57 more people, so we are expecting some delays in shipping everything.  Its not crazy delays, no.  Not hardly.  Probably more like up to 10 - 15 days delay.  Which would be totally rad in a new delay pedal, but this is shipping we're talking about.  And we're sorry about that.  Genuinely.

Don't worry, we WILL ship you whatever you ordered, but it WILL take a little longer than normal.  Why?  We have 20X more orders than we expected.  And that's real talk.

So please, we ask you extend a little patience while we systematically process and ship this literal truck-load (box truck) of orders.  As always, every order is processed in the order in which it was received.

You WILL get whatever you ordered, and you WILL get shipping notice when your order ships (we're honest people running an honest business after-all).  Sometimes, shipping/tracking info goes to the Spam folder, and no, I still don't know why.  Check there if its been two weeks and you still haven't received notice.

If the current state of affairs is a real problem for you, firstly, we apologize.  This was not anticipated.  BUT!  We are glad to accommodate and simply cancel your order and fully refund you (provided your order hasn't been shipped at the time of request).  Please use the Contact page and shoot us a message requesting cancellation, and include your order number.  Also worth noting, cancelling your order cancels whatever slammin Mr. Black Friday deal you got.


From all of us here at Jack Deville and Mr. Black, THANK YOU!  This is totally insane and we appreciate your business and support!