Service & Repairs

We support and service our products, even when purchased second hand, but things get really complicated when unfamiliar hands get intimate with complex electronics.

Sadly, there are MANY people who purchase pedals, then decide that they will modify the unit, or skip contacting us about a concern that they have, and then attempt a "repair" themselves. This situation is very common and almost always ends with a really broken pedal.
To further complicate matters, we have observed a trend of people "fixing" their pedals then selling the limping unit online to someone they don't know, passing the buck as it were. If you purchased a used Mr. Black pedal and it is broken or not performing properly upon arrival, the best thing to do first is to contact the party who you purchased the pedal from.

Pedals which are out of warranty can generally be serviced, repaired and brought back to life and factory service refreshes the warranty on the unit!
To have your pedal repaired, please contact us to obtain a Service Request Form and co-ordinate your repair. Typical repair turn time is 1 - 2 days.

Non-Warranty Service and Repair Costs:

 Pedal/Size Repair Cost
Doomsticks I & II $50.00*
Mini Pedal $75.00*
Compact Pedals $100.00*
Stereo Pedals $150.00*

*All non-warranty service renews our factory warranty and includes complimentary Priority return shipping in the continental USA; International return shipping carries an additional flat fee of $50.00USD.